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PassionLA is going VIRAL!

During the Summer, out team got together to brainstorm effective ways to reach young people during the pandemic. Our team developed Hopeville (@hopevillefam), a channel that would share stories of Hope to hopeless individuals during a hopeless pandemic. With the impact and influenced that was brought from our first channel (@dadandmomadvice), we decided to start a second one and what happened one late October might shook us.

In early October our TikTok Channel went viral overnight. From 16 followers to hundreds and thousands of young people tuning in everyday to our content. PassionLA is teaching relationship health and spreading the Gospel through an interactive app! We are reaching more young people than we would have if we had a building. This is the FUTURE of the Church!

Over 3.5 Million Views, Over 1.3 Million Likes, and 100k Followers.

Here's the impact:

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