Passion LA is a Non-Profit that seeks to Transform At-Risk Young Peoples Lives and the East Side of LA by creating outreach specifically geared towards them, introducing them into Christ and  


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PassionLA working with Foster Program and Juvenile Detention Camps

PassionLA leaders are now working with Olive Crest, a foster program based in Los Angeles as well as Juvenile Probations, Dorthy Kirby Camp to teach at risk young people how to develop healthy relationships.  Its hard to serve Christ and transform your life when the relationships around you are so destructive. It is for this reason PLA will provide these programs to teach young people, connect with them in order to introduce them to Christ, and welcome them into PassionLA.  












Sissy's Story
The first day I shared at Cross Trainers (now Passion LA) a young lady walked up to me and said “I don’t know you but I think we are going to be close”.  I don’t think Sissy (not her real name to protect her identify) knew how true those words would become.  Her father had died a week earlier and her mother was living in Mexico fighting HIV as well as an addiction to meth.  Sissy was recently released to the guardianship of her sister after spending some time in an abusive foster care home.  Her life was a mess she was failing out of school and staying out all night abusing drugs.  Sissy has come a far way since then.  She is a senior in high school about to graduate.  She has been baptized and is currently serving Christ.  She is a member of our urban leadership academy and helps with the Passion LA Kids ministry. Passion LA has been so lucky to be part of what God wants to do in Sissy’s life.  We look forward to seeing what God is going to do next.












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